Belser Tennis Academy


At BTA, players work with a team of professionals including: coaches, fitness experts, nutrition experts, mental conditioning experts, physiotherapists, as well as educators, whose ultimate goal is to develop you into a “Champion”. 

We limit the number of players at the BTA academy, which allows us to provide each player with individual programs customized to your level.


Fitness 360

Our 360 Approach

At BTA, we work with juniors ages ten to eighteen as well professionals. Each individual player’s physical fitness and abilities vary, based on their playing level, gender, age, height and weight.

We begin the process by conducting a comprehensive Tennis Performance Assessment (TPA) and Specific Physical Testing to help us identify the current state of each player’s physical abilities.  Then we develop customized fitness plans for each player, including periodization. WBATA offers a diverse training regime that prevents over-training or boredom.  We conduct detailed results evaluations on a regular basis.  Our players know exactly where their performance training is at any given time….and also provides a barometer of how they are progressing.

We use 360 Approach to every aspect of your fitness and conditioning:

  • Strength
  • Muscular Endurance
  • Speed, Agility
  • Balance and Stability
  • Cardiovascular Training
  • Nutrition
  • Recovery

Photo: Ken Noblezada

FITNESS: Sample Week

Tuesday: 4:00 – 5:00 Full Body Conditioning

  • Focuses on core strength and stability, shoulder stability and muscular endurance

 Wednesday: 1:30 – 2:30 cardiovascular conditioning

  • Speed, Agility and Footwork

Thursday: 4:00 – 5:00 Flexibility, Balance

  • Core, upper body strength, stability, balance and flexibility.



To ensure BTA players perform at their highest level throughout the year, we follow a PERIODIZATION plan, which allows us to control:

  • Volume (how much)
  • Intensity (how hard)
  • Frequency (how often)

The main goal of PERIODIZATION is to balance the workload (volume, intensity and frequency) with sufficient rest and recovery. Periodization allows players to achieve their top performance over time without the risk of injuries, burnout or boredom.

Photo: Liz Belser

Periodization at WBATA:

Phase 1: Preparation Phase / Duration: 6 Weeks / Time Frame: November – January
Main Focus:

  • Improve Technique, Develop Weapons, Work on Weaknesses, Learning New Shots
  • Developing an Incredible Aerobic Base, core strength, power, flexibility, proper nutrition.

Phase 2: Pre-Competition Phase / Duration: 4 Weeks / Time Frame: January – February
Main Focus:

  • Incorporate off season work including Technique, New Shots into point play, sets and matches.
  • Tennis specific movement and exercises, speed and agility, and injury prevention.

Phase 3: Competition / Duration: 10 Months / Time Frame: February – November
Main Focus:

  • Highest Level of competition. Stay fit, injury free
  • Microcycle / Duration: 3 Months:
    • 2-3 tournaments a Month
    • 10-15 Days training, re-tooling
    • 3-7 Days Rest within 2-3 Months

Phase 4: Rest / Duration: 2-3 Weeks / Time Frame: November – December
Main Focus:

  • Take mind off of tennis. Time to recharge your energy.


Physical Therapy

Photo: Liz Belser

At WBATA, we build players that last”.

 -Mike Danenberg-
Director of Sports Performance

“Do you know the number one reason top performing athletes end their careers before their time and or never reach their full potential? Do you know what the biggest fear of any top performing athlete is? The answer is INJURY.

As a young athlete, you may think you’re invincible, your body feels great and you recover quickly. Through time and repetition your body will be more and more vulnerable to injuries, UNLESS you build a strong foundation….NOW.

Just think about it…”If you build a house on a weak foundation, the house will fall apart as soon as the storm season hits. However, if you build the same house on a solid foundation, the house will likely get through many storms for many years. You know you will have to invest more time and effort to build a house on a strong foundation, but you also know it’s worth it.

The same is true for building a strong foundation for a tennis player. With our tried and true methods of training vs. recovery, we can prepare you for a tennis career that will outlast the storms.


Tennis 360

Our 360 Approach

At the beginning of the process, we do an assessment of your playing ability.  Then we develop an individual plan and work on technique as well as themes that will help you to better construct a point. We monitor progress and conduct monthly, quarterly and annual evaluations.  As you progress, we provide you and your parents with feedback on your development and training areas of focus.

We use 360 Approach in every aspect of your game:

  • Technique
  • Tactic
  • Match Play
  • Tournament Preparation

Photo: Liz Belser


Goals: Set Goals for the Week

  • Goals for the group
  • Goals for each individual player

 Monday:  12:30 – 4:00 Focus: Technique and Tactic 

  • Drills – Incorporating all cornerstones of game and drills and introducing themes. 
  • Drilling on themes and low intensity point play with themes. 

 Tuesday: 12:30 – 5:00 Focus: Technique and Tactic + Fitness

  • Focus on individual player needs…strength and weaknesses. Continue with drills with themes of the week.
  • Point play with themes

Wednesday: 12:30 – 5:00 Match Play – Emphasis on Themes + Fitness

  • Match play incorporating themes.

Thursday: 12:30 – 5:00 Match Play – Less Emphasis on Themes + Fitness

  • Match play with lighter emphasis on themes…less thinking.

Friday: 12:30 – 4:00 Fun / Play / Repetition

  • Work on player’s strengths and favorite patterns.
  • Match play…players focus on what they do well.



Develop Grand Slam Champions…One at a Time.

Belser American Tennis Academy is committed to provide players with a world class coaching, training program and support to enable players to reach their maximum potential.

Our philosophy and coaching methods embrace the Characteristics of a “Champion”:

  • Character & Sportsmanship
  • Accountability 
  • Mental Strength
  • Physical Conditioning
  • Individual
  • Outstanding Performance
  • Never Give Up Attitude


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