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Bill Belser / Photo: Noblezada

Bill Belser

Director, High Performance Program

“Every player has something that makes them unique”.

“Throughout my coaching career, I’ve enjoyed finding that unique quality that makes players special.  It’s true, Champions are made, not born.  My coaching style develops players’ raw talent into the ability to compete at the professional level.  Every professional player that I’ve coached has been different in their playing ability, developmental level and style.  They have different personalities, playing weapons, athleticism and varied approaches to the game.  The key to their playing success was our ability to maximize their playing potential by applying my principles of coaching and of course, exceptionally hard work”.       

Bill Belser’s experience includes working with Grand Slam champions such as Andy Roddick, Greg Rusedski, Arantxa Sanchez, Brenda Shultz and Claudia Kohde-Kilsch.  He finds and develops the unique quality in every player that makes them world-class champions. He has been coaching on the tour for 25 years.

Liz Belser
Director, High Performance Fitness

“We are here to empower you to become a more efficient player”

“Do you know why “Champions” make it to the top and stay there?  The most important factor is their ability to use their muscle energy efficiently.  The most efficient players like Roger Federer or Novak Djokovic, can get to the ball and hit with efficiency. I can’t promise you that you’ll become the next Roger Federer, but I can promise you that with our integrated approach to Optimal Performance Training (OPT) we can make YOU a more efficient player.  At WBATA, we have the team that will teach you how superior fitness and nutrition can empower you to play like a “Champion”.

Liz Belser is certified through Pat Etcheberry and specializes in working with elite junior and professional tennis players. Liz has also been ACE certified for the past 17 years.  Liz has a unique ability to assess player’s fitness and performance and develop program that helps the player to reach peak performance while staying injury free.

Stephanie Wood

"Every player has the ability to develop his or her skills to maximum potential through the right training methods and coaching direction."

Stephanie Wood loves working with all levels and ages of players. She is very passionate about not only teaching stroke mechanics and strategy, but has a passion for developing each player into the confident person they can be both on and off the court. She draws on her experience from playing at the collegiate level both singles and doubles, coaching teams at Providence Day School from middle school to varsity, developing top players in the junior ranks and sending them to Div 1 tennis programs, leading the Advanced Juniors Program at Cape Fear Country Club and heading the Women’s Tennis Association at Carmel Country Club. 

Stephanie has been teaching tennis for 10+ years. She holds USPTA Level 1 certification as well as a Competitive Player Development Specialist certification. 


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