Belser Tennis Academy

Summer Schedule & Pricing 


                       Futures Group Lesson                                       1:30-3:00pm

Daily                                  $29.00                               5 days                              $120.00                          10 lesson package         $260.00

            Player Development  Clinic                    10:30am-1:30pm

Daily $60.00  

5 days                            $310.00

Monthly * $930.00

               *over $500 savings

Elite Player Develop. Clinic


Daily $80.00

5 days $370.00

Monthly $990.00

Tennis-Specific Fitness


Daily                                $15.00

5 Days                 $65.00

Monthly                         $225.00 

Group Lesson Pricing

3 player            $23.00 each

4 players $18.00 each

*Must have a minimum of 3 per lesson

Private and Group Lessons: Please contact pro directly for specific pricing on private lessons and for scheduling of all group and private lessons.

Sign up for Clinics

Clinic Selection (choose all that apply)

Preferred Dates:

Please note: Payment is due upon attendance of Clinic. Please bring a check made out to Bill Belser.

Clinic Descriptions

Player Development Clinic 

Our player development clinic is designed for all levels of junior play using a regular size ball and full court. Clinics are geared toward building confidence in players through stroke mechanics, mental toughness and strategy. A games-based approach is used to enable players to develop all skills necessary for tournament play.

Elite Player Development Clinic

This intensive clinic is for players looking to develop their game to the highest level of competition. Only players looking for national level rankings or higher will be considered for admittance to this program.

Tennis-Specific Fitness Clinic

The Tennis-Specific Fitness program is for students of all abilities and a wide range of sports. Aspects include need for speed and agility, muscular and cardiovascular endurance, explosiveness, flexibility, balance and fun! 

Group and Private Lessons

Futures Group Lesson

Monday-Friday 1:30pm-3:00pm

This lesson is specifically designed for our young juniors ages 6-9 who have taken lessons and are typically more advanced than the average newcomer to tennis. Approval is needed to join this group lesson. Please contact either Bill or Stephanie for more information.

Private Group Lesson

Get the most out of your time on the court with a group lesson. A maximum of 4 players allows a more personal and tailored experience for each player. Players can sign up individually to be placed in a group or can sign up with friends in advance. Each lesson is 1 hour in length on a designated day. Group lessons can be booked from 8-9am Monday - Friday. Times and days are subject to availability based on demand and early booking. Please contact either Bill or Stephanie directly to book.

Private Lesson

Maximize your potential!

Private lessons are available for any player looking to develop his or her game with one-on-one coaching specifically designed for the individual. 

Contact for Private or Group Lesson

Player Ability:

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